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I'm exhibiting at a trade show. What package should I choose? clients attend and exhibit at all kinds of trade shows and conferences throughout the year, and these events are excellent opportunities to share your news with the attending press. We recommend selecting the Trade Show or Conference Package.

  • Did you know that trade shows usually have a Press Room where exhibitors can place Press Kits, for journalists to see and take from the shelves in the room? writes Press Kits for a fee of $1675. 
  • Conference organizers typically provide our staff with a list of attending media for the events. We can distribute a press release to that media list on your behalf so that journalists and influencers will know your booth location and information about your products and services. 
  • Our Newsroom is a resource for pet and veterinary media outlets, looking for news ideas and trends. When you distribute a press release with, we automatically place your release in the Newsroom. 
  • Additionally, we always place your press release on our social media pages, including Facebook and Twitter, for added exposure.
  • Finally, when you use’s services to distribute your trade show booth news release, we will submit it to PR Newswire for distribution on the Web News Release Plus network, reaching hundreds of online outlets. 









I'm not ready for 'primetime' but I would like a press release. Does offer that writing service?

Yes! We are happy to write a press release for you. Once you place your order, we will send you the Press Release Questionnaire, and from our receipt of your responses, we will just need 5 business days to send you a draft. Two rounds of edits are included in the $300 fee.


I'm about to launch a brand new product. What package is best for me?

Congratulations on your new product or service! To get the word out, select the Launch a Product or Service package, which will allow us to distribute your news to:

  • Editors at pet or veterinary trade publications,
  • Influencers and bloggers,
  • Hundreds of online outlets via PR Newswire’s Web News Release Plus distribution service,
  •’s Newsroom and social media pages that add exposure to your announcement.

We can help you with the press release writing too, and a Press Kit if you need that for your website – always a good idea when you’re introducing new products and services to press who will visit your site and its Media or Newsroom section. 


I manage a veterinary practice; how should I use

Primary care and specialty practices generally have office-related news to announce several times a year. Consider using when you share news about an office move, improved facilities or technology, a lateral hire, an award for the practice, and so on. We recommend selecting the Earn Local Media Attention package to reach a regional audience of clients, referral sources, and potential new clients and pet parents. 

If your practice has peer-to-peer news to share, try the Pet or Vet Trades Package, which will allow us to share your news with publications such as Veterinary Practice News, Vetted, and DVM360.

Which media list should I choose for my release?

First read through the bulleted descriptions within each package, as that information should be helpful as you make your selection. There are several packages of media outreach available on, and each package is designed to share your news with media contacts who can reach and influence a particular target audience.

As you’ll see within each package description, target audiences include pet owners and consumers, veterinarians, pet and veterinary industry professionals, and a broad online audience, and some packages combine media lists in order to reach multiple audiences. The selection of a package is based upon your needs, your target audiences, and the outcome you want to achieve by distributing your press release.

I've heard about Press Kits. What are they and do I need one?

Press kits are a succinct and compelling way to present information to journalists and influencers. These folks are short on time, and may not have the luxury of reviewing all of the pages of your website in order to learn about your business. We recommend selecting the Build a Press Kit Package.

Let us put the most important information into a Press Kit containing a press release, a FAQ, and a product information sheet. We’ll send you a Press Kit Questionnaire and upon our receipt of your answers, we’ll send a draft Press Kit to you within 7 business days. The service includes two rounds of edits. 

Press kits are very useful at trade shows and conferences, before meetings with media outlets, and as a fast and up-to-date way for anyone to better understand your business while on your website. 

What are my options for distribution?

News and content distribution packages come with standard distribution, as noted below, but you can modify timing by choosing express distribution, with or without press release writing services, and with or without distribution on the Web News Release Plus wire from PR Newswire. 

  • Standard distribution: no additional fee, with distribution to media lists three-business days after receipt of press release.
  • Express without writing services: $100 additional fee, with one-business day turnaround.
  • Express with writing services: $200 additional fee, with one-business day turnaround. 
  • Writing services: $300 additional fee for a press release written by the staff.
  • PR Newswire “Web News Release Plus” Distribution: $375 additional fee.
  • Have a press kit written for you by the staff for $1675.
  • Just need a press release, without any distribution? We can do that, for $300.









How do I know if my news is of regional or national interest?

A reporter’s interest in any press release will be based on the timeliness of the information, the relevance to that reporter, and the newsworthiness of the announcement. If you are considering a national distribution that targets long-lead consumer magazines and broadcast outlets please note that those media outlets will be looking for very newsworthy and significant announcements that are relevant to a national audience. If your news focuses on a national trend, you may want to select the Consumer Media Package.

If your news has a regional or local focus as in a new office or facility opening, with relevance to a particular community, we recommend selecting the Earn Local Media Attention package. 

When will distribute my press release?

As you plan your press release distribution strategy, it’s helpful to know the turnaround times here at Our goal is to ensure that your news is delivered to the right media contacts who are looking for pet-centric news. Sometimes a distribution can happen right away, and other circumstances and package selections require a bit more time for preparation.

In general, standard distribution is 3 business days from our receipt of your press release; express distribution is 1-business day if we receive your press release by noon on the business day prior to your distribution date. 

Writing time required for press releases is 5 business days for us to send you your first draft; for a press kit, the first draft will be sent in 7 business days. 


How do I add the PR Newswire option to my distribution?

Many clients add PR Newswire’s Web News Release Plus distribution at a cost of $375 to reach a broad online audience and to bolster search engine optimization. The option is visible on the order page for each package.

How are releases distributed?

Press releases are distributed by a team of’s experienced publicists, using our exclusive, proprietary technology and distribution processes. also posts your releases to our Facebook and Twitter channels and the Newsroom.

Will I see the media outlets on the list that I choose?

Our media lists are part of our proprietary news release distribution process. updates the contacts on our lists regularly, but does not share contact information. A sample representation of the media outlets on each list is available here.



How many images can I include with my release?

You can send us one image with your press release. requests that you provide your logo so that it can be part of the press release. does not accept additional images for the press release. We recommend that you include links within your press release that lead journalists to your website or other online pages.

How will the media contacts know how to reach me for product information or interviews?

Your press release will always include a “Media Contact” – and this must be a designated representative of your company with full name, title, email and phone. Journalists interested in connecting with you about your press release will contact that designated representative or Media Contact directly.

Will I get a report after the distribution to show who received the press release?

If you choose the PR Newswire Web News Release Plus distribution, PR Newswire will provide a Visibility Report several days following the release, with a sampling of the websites that have posted your press release. The press release distribution packages will not provide reports.

How will I know if a media outlet has published an article about my announcement?

To track coverage, we recommend that you set up Google Alerts with terms from your press release, and watch for notifications. Keep the Alerts active for several weeks as journalists publish stories that may appear weeks or even months following a press release distribution. In addition, if you are contacted by a media outlet about your press release, keep in touch with the journalist and ask for a tentative publication date.

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