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What is the Insiders Program?

As many companies already know, not all pet and veterinary press releases will meet the editorial needs of industry media outlets, even if the news may be of interest to pet owners or others in the industry. Knowing that pet and veterinary press releases are of interest to industry leaders, has launched the Insiders Program. 

Our Insiders Program is the result of business leaders wanting to be aware of news as it happens in the pet and veterinary industries. The Insiders Program is set up as an easy opt-in with no cost or obligation. Insiders will receive, by email, press releases as they are distributed by the service. The program enables greater connection amongst industry leaders with pet and veterinary product and service providers. A PetPR Insider will receive the announcement the same day it is distributed to media outlets and influencers, giving the subscriber a way to stay current with pet and veterinary news.

In addition to pet and veterinary businesses, we see many companies outside of the pet industry announcing news relating to pets. These ‘pet-positive’ companies share news about charitable contributions and events, partnerships with pet or veterinary organizations, or unique tie-ins to pet issues. Again, the PetPR Insiders program will deliver this news directly to the Insiders’ inboxes.

Click here to register for the Insiders Program.

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