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The 3 Key Roles of the Media Contact

  Each time you use to distribute a press release, you'll notice that we ask for the name, email and phone number for your "Media Contact" — but who is this "Media Contact"? A Media Contact is the person in your organization who you entrust with the...

Ideas for News You Can Announce on

Distributing press releases to media outlets is an excellent marketing tool for pet and veterinary brands to reach their target audiences. The readers, viewers and visitors of a media outlet can include your ideal customers and clients, and it’s important to spread the word when your business has news that impacts those target audiences. If you are scratching your head and wondering what news you have to offer, take a look through this list for ideas. Most likely, you will find several news triggers in this list that will provide good content for press releases.

What Makes a Great Press Release? It Depends Who You Ask!

  What makes a press release “great?” The answer depends on who you ask. During this blog post, we'll take the perspective of various media people and answer that very question. If you ask a reporter at a newspaper what makes a press release great, she will answer,...

4 Tips for Press Release Content and Format

  Journalists prefer to receive properly formatted, media-ready press releases. Here are four content tips as you begin to write your release.    Location and date. Follow traditional press release content guidelines by beginning your press release with the city and...

Use Pet Holidays to Generate Local News Coverage

Are you thinking of using an upcoming pet holiday or observance to promote your company’s products or services? We agree, it’s a great idea.

Support adoption and causes: Pet parents appreciate your passion for rescues and shelters along with support for

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