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OMAHA, Neb. (December 23, 2013) – Dog Treats & Jingle Toys is proud to announce their partnership with the Nebraska Humane Society and its weekly series will introduce viewers to “less adoptable” pets currently in residence. Their goal is not only to help these amazing shelter pets find their “FurEver Homes”, but to raise awareness regarding adoption, fostering and volunteering, by weekly showcasing a shelter, rescue or pet friendly cause outside the area, on their website.

Dog Treats & Jingle Toys is a documentary style comedy web-series that will soon air on YouTube. The story follows a young woman who has recently adopted her first pet, a senior dog, from a local shelter. Although she believes that she’s the one running the show, it’s her new fur-­kid that’s guiding her and their friends as they attempt to get a handle on their love lives and careers. That is, when he and their roommate’s cat aren’t getting into mischief. Click here to check out the Season One Trailer.

In addition to what they are doing with the series itself, they’ve created She-Ra’s Sagas, a mystery that will appear on their website in weekly installments. A canine private investigator and his feline sidekick travel across the country solving a mystery at each stop along the way. Each clue this mystery-solving duo receives will be given to them by an adoptable pet. Said pet’s picture will be displayed with contact information in the story itself.

Our creator, Aubree Sweeney has always loved animals and has often said, “If it wasn’t for Jake and She-Ra (her adopted pets) I wouldn’t be me.” Aubree has combined her three passions: animals, writing and performing to create Dog Treats & Jingle Toys. She hopes that it will encourage viewers to adopt pets and remind everyone how much love a rescue animal can bring to their family.

Dog Treats and Jingle Toys consists of a talented, passionate team of animal lovers who have generously donated their time and talents to help improve the quality of life for shelter pets. Want to see what other people are saying about them? Check out Pets in Omaha’s most recent article. Click here for the story!

For more information, contact Aubree at (402) 312-7347 or

You can also find Dog Treats & Jingle Toys on Facebook and Twitter.

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