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Susan M. Ewing has always loved dogs, and writing came first, with an attempted novel at age ten. Family dogs included a Collie and a Beagle, but it wasn’t until after she was married that she and husband Jim got their first dog that she really got hooked on “all things dog.”

That first dog was a St. Bernard-German Shepherd Dog mix, but when Ginger was five years old, the Ewings attended their first ever dog show and Susan knew she wanted to try showing. A local breeder had a litter of Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Susan fell in love with an independent male she named Brecon. She’s now had Pembroke Welsh Corgis for over thirty years.

Meanwhile, Susan was writing radio commercials and hoping to get something “doggy” published.  Her first article on responsible dog ownership appeared in the AKC Gazettein 1991. “It was a humorous piece, with a serious core. That’s why my business card says ‘Serious Animal Humor.’ If I can, I try to get serious points across lightly, so people don’t feel bludgeoned by facts. With the humor, they may be more receptive to the serious part of the article.”



Susan has written articles for several major dog publications, as well as eleven dog books, including Bulldogs for Dummies and Poodles for Dummies.  She writes a bi-weekly pet column for The Post-Journal of Jamestown, NY and, being “bi-petual,” has written for many cat and dog publications. She is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, the Dog Writer’s Association of America and Cat Writers’ Association. She is a past president of the

Cat Writers’ Association and has won three awards for cat writing.

Susan lives in Jamestown, NY with her husband, Jim, and two Corgis, Rhiannon and Gael.

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