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Wisteria Goldens, top breeders of English Cream Golden Retrievers since 2004, has recently introduced the Puppy Prep Academy to aid new puppy owners in training their pets.

Wisteria Goldens believes the training program, which includes crate training, leash training and basic commands, will make the transition of bringing a new puppy home easier and will take the pressure off of new owners.

Wisteria Goldens’ trainer works with every pup from the first week of life until they leave for their owner’s home. The puppies are introduced to new sights and sounds, meet the resident cat, are handled and groomed, and begin learning about crates and doggie doors. The new Puppy Prep Academy takes this training even further, offering an introduction to formal training starting at eight weeks. Puppies learn basic commands such as sit and down, learn to respond to their name, and are introduced to a collar and leash.

Formal training is offered as well, including an “at home with the trainer” program that gives pet owners the opportunity to have their new pup live with a professional trainer while learning critical skills every dog needs. Owners are encouraged to continue their dog’s education after the training period has ended.

For details about this new program, or to learn how to take advantage of this unique service,

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