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Webster Veterinary, the nation’s second largest consumable veterinary supply distributor, announced the acquisition of American Veterinary Supply Corporation (AVSC) on August 25, 2011.  The full-service veterinary distributor serves approximately 2,000 veterinary practices and hospitals in the New York metropolitan area and will be operated as Webster’s eighteenth branch.
The Long Island veterinary distributor has sales of approximately $25 million and 14 field sales representatives. Webster Veterinary increased its sales by about 8 percent. Last year sales for the veterinary unity were close to $180 million.

“We plan to continue investing in the unit’s relatively new equipment and service business, which has expanded Webster’s full-service platform. Webster also is investing in a range of technology initiatives aimed at strengthening the profitability of veterinary practices and forging stronger relationships between pet owners and their veterinarians,” said Scott P. Anderson, CEO of Patterson Companies.

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