The Pet Industry's Leading Resource for News & Content Distribution, a website for pet lovers that first launched shortly over a year ago, announced a re-launch of the site along with a blog, store, and the publication of their first original e-book entitled Stories of Unconditional Love, Lessons and Laughter.

Featuring pet experts Dr. Nancy Soares, Julia Szabo, Kevin Myers, Joey Green, Amy Shojai, Vicki Croke and Sarah Wilson, Dr. Pitcairn, Steve Duno and Jamie Lynn Smith, the website includes advice, interviews, and expert information.

Each day, the site will publish a “Pet of the Day” photo and story submitted by one of their fans. A monthly pet will be selected from all comments or “LIKES” the photo receives. They will also pay tribute with a video each month and then publish it to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Maxx the dog and Marmalade the cat are the website’s mascots. These two are former shelter animals and will serve in their respective roles for the site. will be giving away copies of its first original e-book as part of the celebratory re-launch. The book is available at no cost for download on the website.

Experience the re-launch of the We Are Pet Nation website at

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