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The Cesar Millan National Family Pack Walk will take place on October 30, 2011, in conjunction with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Scooby Doo. The event will be held at Lake Balboa Park in Van Nuys, California, and families are invited to attend.


One-hundred percent of the proceeds raised from the event will be donated to the Millan Foundation for humane education programs and to promote animal welfare.


“This is the second time WBCP and Scooby-Doo have partnered with Cesar Millan in a pack walk event and we couldn’t be happier to help host this wonderful experience,” said Karen McTier, Executive Vice President, Domestic Licensing and Worldwide Marketing, Warner Bros. Consumer Products. “Cesar is dedicated to creating balanced relationships between dogs and the entire family and truly personifies the love that owners have for their canine companions. Together, we have created an entertaining, family-friendly event in order to raise money for a fantastic cause.”


The seasonal theme of this year’s expo is a spooky Halloween adventure incorporating Scooby Doo and his mystery-solving cohorts in crime busting. Activities taking place during the expo include Scooby-themed activities from Warner Bros. partners, licenses and charitable partners. In addition to the family fun, attendees are welcome to join in a 1.5-mile pack walk around Lake Balboa Park led by Cesar Millan and Scooby Doo.


“This is a movement towards reconnecting ourselves with our dogs and our dog community.  It is more meaningful than just walking a dog,” said Millan of the event. “I want it to be symbolic of being part of a community and group that is focused on building healthy relationships with their dogs and each other.”

Attendees to the Scooby Doo screening room will be able to preview the new Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group’s (WBHEG) release of Scooby-Doo Legend of the Phantosaur, as well as episodes from the first season of Warner Bros. Animation’s animated adventure series Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated.


Pre-registration and further information may be found at  Donation information is located at

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