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Social media is the format being used by the producers of the upcoming Benji movie to find the leading pooch in the movie’s title role.

Walden Media recently announced they are teaming with writer, director and producer Brandon Camp on an updated version of the popular mutt’s film franchise. To kick off the search for the next Benji, Walden Media has set up a Facebook page for pet owners and shelter staff to post pictures and videos of dogs they feel could be the next Benji.

The Benji franchise launched in 1974 at the hands of Brandon Camp’s father, Joe Camp. Brandon Camp shared, “Benji is a special dog who has won over the hearts of millions of moviegoers with a unique combination of adorably shaggy appearance, astounding intelligence and irresistible personality. Finding the right dog to play him is an essential element of making this movie, so we’re casting a wide net and leaving no stone unturned. That includes using social media to reach dog-owners who might have a perfect Benji of their own at home.”

The original Benji was discovered in a shelter in California back when Facebook and social media platforms were nonexistent. So that shelters nationwide may participate, the latest Benji filmmakers are scouring animal shelters nationwide in addition to connecting with talent agencies and dog trainers. The dog that is required for the film’s starting role should have the looks, onscreen charisma, and ability to take direction.

Working closely with Brandon Camp in the search for the new Benji is world-renowned animal trainer, Mark Forbes. Forbes has worked on films such as We Bought a Zoo and Marley and Me.

Learn more about the search and how to enter by visiting the Benji the Movie Facebook page.

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