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SAN FRANCISCO (September 30, 2014) – Today Wagfield is pleased to introduce the first online dog training and puppy rearing school. Wagfield’s courses will enable every pet parent to access trusted, complete, force-free, science-based training and socialization content whenever and wherever they want at

The initial product offering includes three courses: First Days At Home, Puppy 101: All The Basics, and Rescue Refresher. Pet parents can follow Wagfield’s step-by-step courses at their own pace, reviewing videos and other content as needed to ensure they have the details down pat.

Combining top quality content with today’s best technology, Wagfield is bringing dog training into the 21st century. In addition to the training courses, the website includes a health center, a puppy profile, photo galleries, and a supportive pet parent community, all designed to help pets and their new parents get through their first year together.

With Wagfield’s unparalleled accessibility, the frustration of finding top quality trainers—as well as the geographic and scheduling barriers new pet parents face when attempting to attend classes—are forever removed. Wagfield also allows shelters, breeders and veterinarians across North America to refer new pet parents to Wagfield’s trusted training solution, saving them the time they would otherwise spend identifying and evaluating local providers.

Wagfield’s training curriculum was designed and created by Lisa Gunter, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA. Lisa has nearly a decade of experience training dogs and working in shelters and is now pursuing her PhD in canine cognition and behavior. The health vertical, led by Dr. Jeannine Berger, DVM, DACVB, DACAW, CAWA, is focused on delivering must-have health information and bridging the gap often found between trainers and veterinarians.

Behavioral problems are the number one reason owners surrender their dogs to animal shelters1. Training and socialization can reduce the probability of these types of problematic behaviors2. “Based on research and our experience working with pet parents, we believe that by offering accessible, effective training resources3, more pet parents will have the opportunity to train and socialize their dogs – improving the bond between them and reducing the risk of relinquishment4,” said Wagfield Co-founder & Head of Training, Lisa Gunter. Indeed, given the relatively short window of time before a dog may be relinquished to a shelter1, Wagfield is laser-focused on providing on-demand programming that new pet parents can begin the moment they return home with their dog.

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Joelle Rauh
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