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COLUMBIA, MD (March 29, 2016)VitusVet – an online medical record sharing system for veterinarians and pet owners – will unveil a new “Request an Appointment” feature at the 2016 American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Conference, being held March 31-April 3 in Austin, TX. Attendees are invited to Booth #126 to learn more about how the new call-free appointment feature will benefit both veterinary practices and pet owners.

VitusVet – which is installed on top of existing practice software – is changing the way veterinary offices do business by storing all veterinary records online, eliminating the need to fax records between specialists and primary care veterinarians, and streamlining front desk operations. What makes VitusVet so different from other platforms is the free pet owner-facing app, which allows pet owners to access a pet’s full medical history at a time when they need it most – during an emergency.

“We’re looking forward to exhibiting at the 2016 AAHA Conference and helping attendees better understand the software, the app, and the app’s new features,” said Mark Olcott, DVM, co-founder and chief executive officer of VitusVet. “We are constantly seeking new ways to advance our technology and our objective at this event is to highlight the new ‘Request an Appointment’ feature and show how beneficial it is for both veterinary practices and their clients.”

With the new feature, clients can request an appointment with their veterinarian right from the app and provide two date preferences. Reception at the clinics will receive an email allowing them to confirm a date or propose a new one to the client. VitusVet will then automatically send a push notification and an email to the client to accept the new date and/or confirm the appointment. There is no need to visit the VitusVet website, nor are any additional steps necessary.

“Our research indicated that one of the biggest pain points for veterinary practices is the amount of time spent coordinating appointments by phone,” said Kalpesh Raval, co-founder and chief technology officer of VitusVet. “A feature like this has the potential to cut routine appointment calls by as much as 90 percent. It’s also a plus for clients, as many are so busy during the day that it’s much easier to arrange appointments with the push of a few buttons, rather than having to wait on-hold to schedule an appointment.”

Raval and Olcott, an ER veterinarian, developed VitusVet after Olcott experienced a patient’s death due to missing medical information regarding a commonly used anesthetic. He was so affected by the loss that he knew something had to be done to put an end to such preventable tragedies. “VitusVet was created as a solution to ER, GP, and pet owner communication issues that often arise during emergencies, times of travel, or when primary care offices might be closed – so that pets can receive the best care possible,” explained Olcott.

Benefits of the VitusVet system include:

  • Medical records are uploaded automatically and securely to the VitusVet cloud from veterinary offices’ practice management software
  • Patient information is updated in near real-time
  • Information is stored securely and access-controlled by the practice
  • One-click sharing with general practitioners, ER clinics, specialists, boarding kennels, and insurance companies
  • Assistance with dental and lab work compliance
  • Effective reminders/push notifications
  • Refill reminders to assist clients with care and to help build veterinary practices’ pharmacy revenue
  • Elimination of after-hours communication problems
  • The new call-free “Request an Appointment” feature

VitusVet also allows pet owners to upload their own notes, take photos, and schedule appointments with their veterinarians, in addition to the comprehensive medical history and a “Find an ER” function. Pet owners are also able to set medication and vaccination reminders and invite family, kennel, dog walkers, pet sitters, and others to view their pets’ profiles, so everyone receives the same instructions for care. “The app allows for record sharing between clients’ multiple veterinarians,” explains Raval, “ and this is crucial, as many pet owners mistakenly assume an emergency clinic recommended by their primary care veterinarian will already have their pet’s record on file.”

For more information about VitusVet or to schedule an appointment at the AAHA booth (#126), please contact Shannon Stevens at 877.703.3824, x107 or To download the VitusVet app for veterinary practices, please visit

For those interested in the full VitusVet system, the cost is a $199 flat fee/month for general practitioners, no matter the number of DVMs at the practice. Tiered pricing is available for ER/specialty practices based on the number of doctors. Please call 1-844-VITUSVET or email for additional pricing information or to schedule a demonstration.

To download the free VitusVet app for pet owners, please visit: (for iOS) or (for Android).

About VitusVet

VitusVet is a software platform that works with a veterinary practice’s existing software system and stores a pet’s complete medical record online where it is accessible 24/7/365. General practitioners, emergency veterinarians, and specialists can all view and share a pet’s medical records on VitusVet, available whenever and wherever they are needed. VitusVet also has a mobile application that allows pet owners to have access to this information if they ever need to share it with other veterinarians, family members, boarding kennels, and others. For more information about VitusVet, please visit or @VitusVet on Twitter.

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