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Vibrant Pets, a manufacturer of supplements for pet health, recently announced a 10 percent increase in product line. Vibrant Pets touts its formulas on results shown in pets within two weeks. Their formulas are continually being improved, according to the company, and are targeted at addressing pet health symptoms for less than the cost of a small cup of coffee.


Lee Phillips, president of the company, encourages both questions and feedback and wants customers to call him directly with any queries. As they have expanded their line, Vibrant Pets has not increased their pricing. If pets do not show improvement in their problems within two weeks of using the products, an unconditional guarantee with a full refund are touted.


Vibrant Pets is a blend of vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, amino and fatty acids and four probiotics. An eight-ounce bottle of the dog and cat formulas lasts a smaller pet about two to three months. The 16-ounce bottle of the formula will last an average-sized dog about two months.  Horses are also part of the company’s target market, with a 48-ounce size of their Vibrant Equine product lasting six months.


With regard to health issues, Vibrant Pets addresses issues including poor skin and coat, skin allergies, hot spots, hip, elbow, spine and joint problems, and digestive issues such as diarrhea, loose stools and gas.


Interested parties may learn more information by visiting the company’s website at or calling 866-945-PETS(7387).

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