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NEW YORK (June 24, 2013) –– Nanochip ID Inc. is an advanced technology lost pet recovery service providing free microchips (Nanochips) on a continuous basis to veterinarians and shelters. Veterinarians and shelters can enjoy that not only are Nanochips free, implantation of the Nanochips is done with a needle half the size of the standard needle currently used. Nanochip operates with mobile-enabled, cloud-based online services to give veterinarians, shelters and pet owners a faster and more user-friendly system for pet recovery.

Veterinarians and shelters can order a free starter kit of Nanochips and be replenished with more free Nanochips on an ongoing basis. Nanochip’s cloud-based system keeps track of usage and ships more free Nanochips as needed, eliminating the need for paperwork or ordering with this free service.

The nanoscale technology upon which every Nanochip is based results in a nano-needle that is less than 16 gauge. This nano-needle causes less trauma and makes implanting a Nanochip fast and easy. Nanochip’s advanced technology has proven biocompatibility due to every Nanochip being 100% encapsulated with Bio-C™ –– the same compound used for human implants.

Unlike other lost pet databases, Nanochip’s search is online and mobile. Veterinarians and shelters no longer have to make calls to third party operators, they can just contact the pet owner directly through email or by phone. This makes Nanochip’s online search the quickest and most convenient way to reunite a lost pet with its owner.

Nanochip employs all of its resources to make sure lost pets are reunited with their owners. Lost pet alerts are emailed to veterinarians and shelters in the lost pet’s home area and lost pet posters are provided to the owners that can be printed and posted in their neighborhood. If a pet travels more than 500 miles from home, Nanochip offers travel assistance with up to $500 provided to fly the pet home.

The same cloud-based pet database that will bring Nanochip pets home will also be there to help all lost pets. If the scanned ID number of a lost pet is not a Nanochip number, ID number formats and contact information for all the other major pet microchip manufacturers will be provided.

Veterinarians and shelters can order the Nanochip free starter kit on the web at

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Media Contact:
Nanochip ID Inc.
Hugh V. Cottingham, CEO
Phone: 973-403-7791

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