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The Gilded Yorkie Dog Boutique is a new online luxury dog boutique that sells high end items that include french dog beds, dog collars, dog clothes, dog carriers and fine dining dog bowls.

The Gilded Yorkie recently began selling dog sweaters and dresses from designer Inamorada. These items are custom made in Italy. Some of their already top sellers, said Gilded Yorkie Dog Boutique owner Brian Deniz, include the Marie Antoinette canopy dog bed that is hand made in France.

“This bed is a real conversation starter and possibly could be one of the finest furniture pieces in your home,” Deniz said. “”It really is one of the most beautiful beds available out there for your pets.”

Deniz said he started The Gilded Yorkie dog boutique after he thought his teacup yorkie named Versailles, and his Chihuahua named Paris deserved just as nice furniture as he had.

For more information about The Gilded Yorkie Dog Boutique go to or @GildedYorkie.

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