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CHICAGO (August 12, 2013) – To celebrate the launch of the International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals, the organization is hosting the Unleashable Pet Fashion Success Summit with an amazing line-up of pet industry insiders.

IAPFP has a full day of awesome movers and shakers in the pet industry that have been interviewed by Lauren Darr, Founder of the International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals. Anyone with an interest in success in the pet industry is invited to attend this FREE event that is online so people can attend from the comfort of their own home or office.

Participants must register at Those that can’t attend on August 8, 2013, should know that the summit is recorded and will be live for a week after the summit for their convenience.

Following is the speaker schedule. All start times are listed in CST.

8 AM
Lauren Darr of International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals
Understand Lauren’s global vision and mission for the association, its members, and the pet industry overall. Find out how she is passionate about the success of pet fashion professionals and how she intends to elevate the visibility of the industry overall!

9 AM
Wendy Toth of Pet360
Learn about Pet360, all of its properties, and get the inside scoop on how to interact with online media outlets!

10 AM
Andrea Fischetti of Chicago Pet Video
You see more and more video all the time. Find out why and how to incorporate video into your business plans for maximum effect and interaction!

11 AM
Colette Fairchild of HH Backer Associates
Get out a pad of paper! You’ll need it when you listen to over 20 years experience with meeting and conference planning. Find out some of the best ways to ensure a return on your trade show investment- whether attending or exhibiting!

12 PM
Bryan Jaffe of Cascadia Capital, LLC
Talk about someone with amazing insights into the pet industry and their short-term and long-term ramifications! This is an interview where you’ll want to hang onto every word!

1 PM
Dana Humphrey of Whitegate PR and FIT in NYC
PR, events, and networking are all in a days work for this mover and shaker in the pet industry. Learn how you can incorporate media relations, events, and networking into your plans in ways that will put your brand on the map!

2 PM
Craig Rexford of Pet Age Magazine
Listen closely because not only will you gain understanding from over 20 years of pet industry publishing experience, but you will figure out how to work with trade publications to gain maximum exposure for your brand.

3 PM
Ellen Zucker, Pet Fashion Astrologer
Find out some trends and patterns that you’ll see from the viewpoint of the planets for the upcoming year!

4:18 PM
OFFICIAL LAUNCH! International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals!
Get out a glass of bubbly and join Lauren for a toast to launch the association!

About International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals
The International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals is an organization created to inspire and educate pet fashion professionals worldwide through valuable learning, mindset, networking, and showcasing opportunities— all while elevating the visibility of the pet fashion industry overall. IAPFP’s tagline is “Unleashing Pet Style — One Designer At A Time!”

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Media Contact:
Lauren L. Darr
Founder, International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals

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