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In a story filed by Pet Product News, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued several trademarks to a variety of pet-related businesses since November of 2011.

USPTO is the Federal agency responsible for granting U.S. patents and registering trademarks. Because of the demand for patents and trademarks, new employment opportunities have been created for millions of Americas. USPTO advises the President of the United States, the Secretary of Commerce, and U.S. Government agencies on intellectual property (IP) policy, protection, and enforcement; and promotes the stronger and more effective IP protection around the world.

Five companies who received a patent from USPTO since November include Canine Styles, Inc., of New York. Established in 1959, the company is New York’s oldest dog emporium, now with four locations throughout the city. They have been featured in Vogue, O Magazine, In Style, The New York Times Style Section, and have appeared on The Today Show. Proprietors are Canine Styles are Mark Drendel and Chad Conway. The trademark covers pet clothing, carriers, accessories, beds, retail and wholesale services, and animal grooming.

A trademark covering online retail services featuring exotic pets and pet supplies was issued by USPTO to International Exotic Pets Aquarium, Aviary and Kennels in Gloucester Point, Virginia. The company designs, creates, and constructs micro-ecosystems for support of health and wellness of exotic animals in areas they do not normally inhabit.

Petco Animal Supplies Stores, Inc., of San Diego received a trademark approval for “Where the Pets Go,” a retail and online pet store service.

Finally, Lisa Porter of Rancho Santa Margarita, California, received a trademark covering online advertising and marketing services, including information guides, in the field of pet-friendly hotels, airlines, car rentals and pet supplies for “Pet Hotels of America.”

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