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For anyone who has ever been in a twitter chat room or at a twitter party, from time to time, one may want to temporarily unfollow someone they find “annoying” and then re-follow them again after a predetermined period of time. Enter the new Twitter DogHouse app.

The app allows Twitter users to temporarily “unfollow” someone for as little as one minute or as long as they want. The app’s developers designed it so that clutter in Twitter feeds can be cleaned up and to avoid having an abundant amount of tweets someone may have no interest in seeing.

The app’s website reads, “Social networking with Twitter is great except when the people you follow pollute your feed with sponsored spam, political flame wars, and live-tweets of some show or event you don’t care about.”

Featuring the capability of sending a tweet to the user telling them why they’ve been banished to the DogHouse, a second tweet can be sent to welcome them back when the “cyber time-out” ceases.

Developed by Elan Dubrofsky and designed by Jure Stern, Twitter users from Ottawa, the app spawned from a challenge posted on a crowdsourcing website that matches developers with companies. The duo won first prize of $1,000 and beat out 14 other contestants.

The app is a free third-party one built on Ruby on Rails open-source framework. According to, users can access the functionality through the Twitter DogHouse website or can send a tweet directly to the @TwitDoghouse account, followed by the username, the allotted time and any personal message.

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