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When the name Boo is summoned in dog circles, nearly five million Facebook fans smile. Boo is an iconic canine with a legion of followers. Now, with a second book ready to be released, the identity of his owner has been revealed.
According to, a writer at tech news site AllThingsD, revealed the owner of Boo. According to writer Mike Isaac, Boo’s owner is Irene Ahn, a finance lead at Facebook, who joined the company in 2008 from Yahoo. The stage name, J.H. Lee, has been used as to keep the attention on Boo.

The reason this is making news is that this pint-sized Pomeranian went from lapdog to Internet sensation solely through his Facebook page. Boo’s first book, Boo: The Life of the World’s Cutest Dog, was a hit with fans and now the dog is poised to release his second book, Boo: Little Dog In The Big City.

Having interviewed Boo’s mom through his publicist, Lee shared that Boo shares his life with his canine pal, Buddy, whom he follows around the house.

In addition to the second book releasing soon, there is a Boo calendar slated to release and a line of Gund stuffed animals as well as an A-B-C book for children.

The SFGate article shared that the only real online presence for Boo is his Facebook account, and that the Twitter account, his YouTube videos and his website are fake.

Boo’s publicist told the SFGate, “She (Lee) didn’t contact us; we contacted her when Boo only had 60,000 Facebook fans. It might appear to people like she’s creating all these things for Boo, but the only online presence she’s made for him is his Facebook page.”

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