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Dr. Marty Becker, dubbed “America’s Veterinarian,” stopped by the Good Morning America studios recently to reveal some of the best pet products of 2011. Of the products on the list, Becker showcased the top six for GMA viewers.





On the list is the Living Wall Art Panoramic Wall Aquarium, which is a wall-mounted aquarium that hangs like a framed picture. Self-containing, the product is considered ideal for people who like tropical fish but do not have the time or space to maintain a typical tank. Retailing for $299, it is available at



Other items on the list include the myChase-It toy for dogs, which is interactive and uses a flexible rod and ergonomic handle for a bungee squirrel that squeaks. Retailing for between $24.95 and $29.95, it is available from



In the treat department, the Lickety Stix came in high atop the list. The Lickety Stix is a lickable dog treat for dogs to enjoy without a sticky mess. The roller-ball design allows owners on the go to reward the dogs. It retails for $8.99 from



Dogs can hear the next item but humans cannot; thus, the idea for Hear Doggy is born. Each toy is tuned to the ultrasonic frequency of dogs, which is a 28khz hearing range, so it is beyond what humans can detect. For $12.99, it is available from Amazon or the Quaker Pet Group at 212-594-3800.


Rounding off the top six are the Catit Design Fresh & Clear Drinking Foundation, which provides a continuous supply of fresh drinking water for pets, and the Hidden Hollow Fantasy Forest for Cats, which is a life-life luxury tree for indoor fun. The Catit has a replaceable purifying filter and collects odors, debris and eliminates bad taste in water. Available online and in pet retail stores, it retails for about $50.00.



The Fantasy Forest is made from a 100 percent wood frame and targeted at owners who want the item to blend with their present home décor. It retails for between $399 and $1,629 and is available at



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