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Purina recently launched a TIDY CATSbrand cat litter campaign to coincide with the product’s Odor Erasers technology. The latest campaign is titled “No More PU” and be sending a “PU Patrol” to an abandoned Queens, New York, property to clean up part of the Big Apple.
In addition to the clean-up patrol, a free “No PU View” will be provided from high atop the Empire State Building, and the PU Patrol will embark on a multi-city tour educating people on how to get creative with clean up solutions.
Rebecca Schulz, Tidy Cats Senior Brand Manager, shared, “Tidy Cats is excited to come to the rescue and solve some of life’s stinkiest situations. Tidy Cats Odor Erasers helps with the PU in your litter box and home, and we’re excited for the PU Patrol to travel across America and help with the PU in people’s lives.”
For two days the “PU Patrol” will clean up a vacant property in Springfield Gardens in the Queens section. On April 18, the company enabled 1,000 tourists and New Yorkers to visit the Empire State Building for free. In another phase of the campaign, Magnolia cupcakes will be delivered throughout the city so that New Yorkers to “sweeten up” New Yorkers’ lives.
New York City Councilman, James Sanders, Jr., reported that old pollution in a city can give way to new pollution and a once beautiful area can dissipate. Sanders shared his gratitude for Tidy Cats and the PU Patrol stepping in to help revitalize the section in Queens.
After their visit to New York, TIDY CATS and the PU Patrol plans to head to Boston, Massachusetts from April 23 through April 26. Fans can follow along via Twitter @PUpatrolSam, @PUpatrolMeg and @TidyCats, and join in on the conversation with #lifestinks.  Further information is also accessible via and
Nestle Purina manufacturers TIDY CATS cat litter, with headquarters in Checkerboard Square, St. Louis, Missouri. Nestle Purina is a part of Nestle S.A., a Swiss-based company.

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