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The PAWS Pet Company, Inc., an innovative pet services company, today announced it has entered into an exclusive license agreement with IntelliCell BioSciences, Inc., “IntelliCell”, a leader in regenerative medicine and the manufacturing of stromal vascular fraction (SVF) containing adipose derived adult stem cells. Per the terms of the agreement, The PAWS Pet Company is to exclusively market and sell IntelliCell’s SVF solution in the veterinary market.

According to Hoovers, the U.S. veterinary services industry has annual revenues estimated at $25 billion.


“This is an important step in the development of the Company,” said Dan Wiesel, Chairman and CEO of The PAWS Pet Company. “This exclusive world-wide license extends our service offering beyond the pet transportation marketplace, into the fast growing market for regenerative medicine for animals. Through our trusted position with both Pet Parents and Veterinarians, we will introduce a technology that we believe will improve the wellbeing of pets.”


Dr. Steven Victor, Chairman and CEO of IntelliCell, added, “We are pleased to be working with The PAWS Pet Company in bringing our leading SVF solution to the treatment of animals. The benefits of SVF in providing stem cell counts and viability checks for each specimen processed, as well as enhanced quality and quantity of the stem cells produced, will now be available to pets.”


The PAWS Pet Company, Inc. provides innovative pet services. Its wholly owned subsidiary Pet Airways is the only airline specifically designed for the safe and comfortable transportation of pets. Pet Airways’ Pawsengers travel in the specially equipped main cabin of its planes — where pets are continuously monitored by an In-Flight Pet Attendant and the climate is controlled for maximum pet comfort.


Dr. Jeff Werber, Director of Veterinary Services with The PAWS Pet Company, commented, “SVF is a proven treatment for a number of conditions including osteoarthritis, tendon repair, ligament injuries and other traumatic and degenerative diseases. The higher cell count from a smaller tissue sample means that Pets have a faster road to recovery with SVF compared to legacy enzyme-based stem cell treatments.”


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