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“Together, We are the Cure”TM

The National Canine Cancer Foundation and Chase Away K9 Cancer team up for Canine Cancer research

Two pre-eminent organizations in the fight to eliminate cancer as a major health issue in dogs, strive to do it together!  Chase Away K9 Cancer will now direct their fundraising efforts to fund research grants approved through the National Canine Cancer Foundation.

“Chase Away K9 Cancer has been a great passionate organization in funding canine cancer research. It is a great energy that we are now moving forward together to find a cure. It’s the true meaning of the National Canine Cancer Foundation motto ‘Together, We Are the Cure’ “

-Gary Nice – President and Founder of the National Canine Cancer Foundation.

Chase Away K9 Cancer was started by Cera Reusser after losing her heart dog Chase to nasal carcinoma at 6 years old. Propelled to action by the loss and determined to find a cure for this devastating disease, Cera set off on a mission to do all she could to help in this crucial battle. Her efforts through fundraising and organizing have made a huge difference in the fight against canine cancer. To date Chase away has funded 9 canine cancer studies in just over 4 years.

Chase Away has raised over $471,000 for Canine Cancer Research. A majority of these funds are a result of their partnership with DockDogs clubs, agility and fly ball groups from across the country and coming on board last year the Master National Retriever club. 

“Chase Away K9 Cancer gives us hope that we are going to make a difference in our pets’ lives and no longer will the words ‘your dog has cancer’ be a death sentence.  I am very excited to have all my friends that have made Chase Away K9 Cancer so successful joining forces with all the supporters of the National Canine Cancer Foundation.  This is going to be great for both groups of supporters, the NCCF has many fund raising opportunities already in place that I know the Chase Away K9 Cancer followers will jump in and take off with.”-Cera Reusser – Founder of Chase Away K9 Cancer.

We are closer than ever to finding a cure and the additional support and funds raised will enable the National Canine Cancer Foundation to fund new and exciting research to make this happen in a dog’s lifetime.  For more information or to support the Canine Cancer Research, please visit or ChaseAwayK9Cancer.Org

If you would like additional information, media or interviews contact Chris Pike at 561-676-7000

The National Canine Cancer Foundation is a nationwide, contribution funded, 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to eliminating Cancer as a major health issue in dogs by funding grants directly to Cancer researchers who are working to save lives, find cures, better treatments and accurate, cost effective diagnostic methods in dealing with canine Cancer.

The purpose of the Foundation’s Research Grant Program is to encourage and provide grant support for basic, pre-clinical and clinical research in high impact and innovative cancer research, which is intended to develop innovative approaches to a cure, treatment, diagnosis or prevention of cancers in dogs. The program fosters collaboration between basic and clinical scientists with the intent of enhancing the transfer of basic research findings to clinical usefulness.

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