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The Fundraising Plan from Heritage Designs has been launched with the goal of enabling nonprofit groups to easily create a fundraising plan that will serve as a guide for an organization’s fundraising activities.


Heritage Designs serves the nonprofit sector with design solutions for fundraising. Visitors to the website will be able to create a fundraising activity plan for a pre-set period of time. Questions will be asked of users and answers should be answered with potential goals in mind. Items not applicable to a group’s particular needs are to be skipped over, so as to streamline the query process.


“This new tool addresses the needs of nonprofits of all sizes, helping them design a plan that will maximize fundraising resources and establish attainable goals for the organization,” said Diana Hoyt, president and founder of Heritage Designs. “By using this tool, nonprofits can enhance their capacity for fundraising and, therefore, raise more money.”


The tool is being lauded in easing the process of writing a fundraising plan by providing a decision-making framework for a variety of nonprofit fundraising activities, including corporate giving, foundation giving, individual and major donors, special events, online fundraising, membership, planned giving and more.


The key of the approach is Heritage Designs’ MatchMaker FundRaising Software, a fundraising/donor management software package. In addition to the software packages, Heritage Designs provides comprehensive training, technical support and fundraising consulting. Some of the company’s clients include colleges and private schools, hospitals, library foundations and social service organizations.

Interested parties wishing to create a fundraising plan may visit the Heritage Designs website at

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