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Pet expert Steven May and family law attorney/author David T. Pisarra have co-authored the book “What About Wally?” In the book, the authors examine legal advice and dog behavioral guidance when couples are facing divorce, separation, or breaking up.
“We wrote this book because of the math,” said May, founder of The Daily Growl, a blog that provides daily tips on pet care.
“According to the Humane Society there are more than 78 million owned dogs in the U.S. and they’re in 39 percent of households. There are also 2 million marriages a year with up to 50 percent ending in divorce. When you add in separations and co-habitation break-ups the numbers add up. This is a very real issue for a huge number of people.”
“Battles over custody of the dog aren’t like arguments about who gets the car,” says Pisarra who has also authored a series of books on men and divorce. “I’ve seen all the strategies that come in to play during child custody cases also employed with dogs. People have a deep relationship with their pets, particularly childless couples. It can get mean and nasty.”
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