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The Association of American Feed Control Officials launched a new Web site dedicated to aiding professionals in the pet food industry.  “The Business of Pet Food” is geared toward educating professionals and consumers alike on local, state and federal regulations on pet food.

On their Web site, AAFCO offers their official publication for business owners to purchase.  This publication covers topics such as ingredients, labeling, registration, licensing and marketing.  Also on their site, AAFCO offers visual presentations on topics such as safety assessment for feed ingredients, enzyme labeling or their AAFCO pet food label checklist.  It is a one-stop tutorial for pet food business owners.


The new Web site is a great source for people thinking of starting a pet food business and also for businesses already in practice to keep up to date on pet food regulations.  AAFCO is a non-profit organization, which reports on the standards for the quality and safety of animal feed and pet food in America. It is a voluntary organization mainly consisting of state officials, who work to enforce their state’s laws and regulations concerning the safety of animal food, but does not hold regulatory authority, like the Food and Drug Administration.

AAFCO acts more like a guide or model that many states have chosen to follow and refer to.  This organization meets biannually to discuss new policies or regulations, changes to listing ingredients or any new bills that might affect the animal food industry.


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