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Pet Business magazine, a publication devoted to helping pet retailers improve profits via advertising and editorial contest, has announced their 2011 Pet Business Industry Recognition Awards. By searching through vendor press releases, walking the aisles of major trade shows and local pet store shelves, Pet Business narrowed down their top winners in a variety of categories.


In the dog toy category, winner named is Hear Doggy! ultrasonic squeaky toys from Quaker Pet Group. The squeaker can be tuned to the 24 to 28 KHz range, which is a sound frequency dogs can hear and humans cannot. Available in two designs, small or large, they feature blowfish, whale, and penguin characters. The flats designs are available in deer, skunk, and rabbit characters.


Cycle Dog took home honors for the dog collar category featuring collars from reclaimed bike inner tubes. Meantime, 26 Bars and a Band garnered best dog leash for its Avant Garde retractable leashes.

In the dog food department, Spring Naturals Dinners from Performance Pet Products won. Featuring real meats and whole vegetables, fruits and grains, this is a new brand to the marketplace. Barksters Crisps from Loving Pets took home the dog treats/chews category for their 100 percent all-natural “healthy treats with a flavorful crunch.”


Some of the other category winners include Smart ‘n Tasty Feline Dental Treats from Emerald Pet Products for the Cat Treat category, Vet’s Best Waterless Cat Bath from The Bramton Company for the Cat Grooming category, Big Max Stainless Steel Fountain from Pioneer Pet Products for Best Pet Feeding/Watering Product, and Plankton Banquet from Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc., for Best Fish Food.


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