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The Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation (TVMF) announced its 2011 Texas Animal Hall of Fame inductees recently. With 10 nominations in three different categories (hero, professional, and companion), TVMF Foundation Trustees chose one winner from each category.


Formed in 1978 as a charitable and philanthropic organization, the TVMF is dedicated to the health and welfare of Texas animals and celebrates the human-animal bond through education, public relations, research, fundraising and the development of people in the field of veterinary medicine. The TVMF established the Texas Animal Hall of Fame in 1984 to honor animals and veterinarians in Texas.
In the companion category, the winner selected was a yellow Labrador Retriever named Justice. Justice was donated to Patriot PAWS Service Dogs and became the companion animal to Brian Field, a disabled veteran who lost both his legs in 2007 while serving in Iraq.


The winner of the professional category was Mr. Bojangles, a Bloodhound belonging to David and Sue Daniel of the Search One Rescue Team (SORT). Dubbed a “crime-solving sleuth,” Mr. Bojangles once found a lost Alzheimer’s patient in less than 10 minutes after tracking his scent.


Kira, winner of the hero animal category, saved the life of a 14-month-old baby girl from having a copperhead snake bite her. Instead, Kira, a then two-year-old female Husky dog, came between the snake and the baby, which resulted in a bite to her muzzle. The dog survived and was credited with saving the baby.


The remaining seven nominees were also announced as honorable mentions.


Further information about the TVMF may be found on their website,

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