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On June 22, a national pet holiday will occur with Take Your Dog to Work Day. The first TYDTWD was celebrated in 1999 by Pet Sitters International.

The annual event asks dog lovers to celebrate the bond with their dog and helps promote pet adoption by encouraging employers to support TYDTWD and allow dogs to come to work with their owners. The entire week of June 18 through June 22 is designated Take Your Pet to Work Week.

One company that is in big support of the day is Pets Best Insurance. Pets Best Insurance President and Founder Dr. Jack Stephens, shared, “I hope employers around the country will recognize June 22nd as a national pet holiday. We have a pet friendly office and always have. Any day you come visit us, you’ll be greeted by at least ten or fifteen wagging tails… and that’s at the very minimum.”

Those who are interested in planning a TYDTWD event at their office can download a free TYDTWDay Action the official website. Examples of other companies who have participated along with everything needed for a successful celebration are included in the pack.

To ensure success, creators of the event suggest doing an office check to determine if anyone is allergic, afraid, or opposed to the idea; puppy proof the work space; bathe and groom dogs before coming to the office; have a kit of doggie items ready; plan the dog’s feeding times carefully; be sure Fido is up to date on vaccines and in good health; avoid forcing co-workers to mingle with the dog; and have an exit strategy if it does not go well.

Learn more about TYDTWDay on Facebook and Twitter. Visit the official website at

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