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Cat owners in the USA can now benefit from an innovative cat door; the SureFlap Microchip Cat Door. Many US residents with indoor/outdoor cats get tired of opening the door for their pets, but with a SureFlap installed, cats can come and go as they please whilst keeping out other cats and wildlife.

The microchipping of cats is now a standard practice in the USA. A microchip is implanted under the skin of a cat by a veterinarian, providing identification for the cat for its entire lifetime. The SureFlap Microchip Cat Door reads the cats existing microchip to unlock only for the resident pet, leaving other cats and wildlife at the door.

SureFlap was developed in the UK by Cambridge physicist, Dr Nick Hill. SureFlap uses patented radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and the cat door only turns on when a cat is inside the tunnel of the SureFlap. SureFlap is low-powered and runs on 4 AA batteries which last up to a year with normal use. An indicator light will flash when the batteries are running low.

SureFlap’s simple one button programming means that a cat’s microchip can be stored in a flash! The unique microchip numbers of up to 32 cats can be programmed into SureFlap, making it suitable for multi-cat households.

In the USA, the SureFlap Microchip Cat Door is compatible with the most common microchip types: FDXA, FDXB and Avid Secure/Encrypted Chip. A new model of SureFlap will be released towards the end of 2011, which will be compatible with the Trovan Unique Microchip. There will also be a larger model of the SureFlap available later in the year, which will be suitable for large cats and small dogs.

Cat owners in the USA can purchase a SureFlap Microchip Cat Door from, priced $149.99, which includes shipping.

SureFlap will be exhibiting their microchip cat door at SuperZoo in Las Vegas on 13-15 September 2011. SuperZoo is a show for pet retailers and groomers to get a closer look at the latest pet products and services on the market. If you are attending SuperZoo and are representing a pet retailer, visit SureFlap on booth 3336 for an exclusive show offer and to take part in a competition to win $500 of SureFlap stock! 

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