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In an effort to discontinue the profits that Suffolk County provides puppy mills, lobbyists and government officials  in the New York county are proposing a bill to ban the retail sale of puppies unless the puppy comes from an animal shelter, rescue organization or breeder located in Suffolk County.

Legislator Jon Cooper, the bill’s sponsor, says that puppy mills keep animals in unsafe living conditions and do not provide the proper care to the animals.

A majority of puppies available for sale at retail pet stores in Suffolk County are the products of puppy mills. Proponents of the ban  say it would lead to more animals being adopted from shelters.

If the measure became a law, then Suffolk would become the first municipality in New York to attempt to ban retail puppy sales. Other cities in New Mexico, California, Texas and Florida have passed similar laws. Albuquerque reported a significant increase in adoptions as well as a decrease in animal euthanasia as a result of the ban.

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