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This is the motto of Dan Barton. Take an entrepreneurial journey with this businessman, creator of Splash and Dash for Dogs and owner of Hollywood Premier Pets in Palm Desert, CA as he shares his experience and expertise in his book “Stop Your Bitchin! And Start Making Real Money”.  With a focus on “big picture” thinking, the honest truth of what it takes to succeed in the pet industry is revealed through advice and shared insights.


Providing valuable shortcuts, Barton walks the reader through effective and productive pet retail and salon strategies to help business owners get the most out of their store including ideas and tips on how to implement those plans.


Learn the basic components to running a successful business, such as goal setting, knowing your numbers, efficient use of a POS tracking system and how to vary and layer marketing to reach out in many directions.


A labor of love and a “must read”, Barton’s book presents beneficial information with examples from the trenches allowing business owners to reach that illusive goal of working on their business and making the real money they deserve!


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