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Soul’y Raw Pet Food, a family owned and operated company in San Marcos, California, revealed they are entering their second year of business.

The company features pet food that contains has no additives, preservatives, chemicals or fillers. The diet consists of ground daily fresh raw meat, complete with marrow and bones, and sold in a variety of sizes in sealed packages. Founder of Soul’y Raw Food, Lisa Ayotte, revealed she began feeding her dogs raw food years ago when one of them developed severe allergies. Seeing the results desired, she launched her business in the raw food pet industry.

Ayotte shared, “Everything we have done so far has been on a referral basis. I got so busy making food on the weekends that we were fortunate enough to get it going as a business—and I love spending time with pet lovers and their companions.”

Designed to provide nourishment from real meat and bone, the recipes are developed for both dogs and cats without adding fillers. The organic product line from Soul’y Raw Pet Food ensures every ingredient is 100 percent certified organic using the highest quality local ranch sources and top-shelf restaurant grade materials, according to the company.

The company reports they have seen success in their clients with regards to skin allergies, excessive shedding, hot spots, skin irritation, coprophagia issues, and ear infections. In February of 2012, Soul’y will release a line of pure meat 100 percent air dried treats.

All products from Soul’y are handmade fresh daily and customers are welcome to visit the kitchen. Recipes include 95 percent muscle meat, organs, and crushed bone and marrow, with five percent comprised of vegetables and fruits to increase the vitamin quotient for pets’ overall health and needs.

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