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The website petCentricity.comhas launched as a means for pet lovers to network with like-minded people. Touted as “your pet’s virtual world and the ultimate pet social network and directory,” membership is free.
After creating a pet’s profile, members can begin socializing with pets worldwide. The website plans to have a host of useful information in their directory, including access to pet stores, breeders, groomers, pet photographers, pet sitters, trainers, and more. petCentricity is geared to provide a pet-centric variation of Facebook for dogs, cats and any other animals, including horses, reptile, rabbits, birds, turtles, and any small furry animals.
One of the sections included in petCentricity is called Ask a Vet, where users can ask for expert pet health advice from a veterinarian. In addition, Flo Krisko, animal trainer perhaps best known for the Super Bowl commercial featuring Nitro, will be available to answer questions and provide training advice.
For those who may be new to a town or are moving to a different state, the pet directory is aimed at providing regional and local pet providers. For those looking for something pet-friendly to do, a listing of events will be housed on the site as well.
Founded in 2011 in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, the venue is free of charge to pet lovers but also to pet-oriented business and groups to provide interaction and mutual benefit. Pet columns, blogs, and information are all designed to make petCentricity a one-stop website for animal lovers.
In a recent press release from petCentricity, they revealed that 63 percent of households own a pet, according to the National Pet Owners Survey, or the equivalent of 69.1 million homes.
To visit the website and learn more about joining, log on to or

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