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Snoutstik™ Dog Balm Launched to Rid the World of Dry Dog Noses
New Pet Product makes it Easy to Apply Moisturizer to Dogs’ Snouts

San Francisco, CA — (September 6, 2011)–Opie&Dixie®, LLC, a leading pet product company, today announced the nationwide launch and availability of Snoutstik™ Dry Dog Nose Balm for Dogs.

Estimates suggest that over 35 percent of dogs suffer from dry noses.  Some breeds like Bulldogs, Pugs and Boxers are genetically prone to having dry noses.  Any breed can suffer from dry dog nose from time to time and sometimes it may be an indicator of illness or dehydration.

The Snoutstik “stick-style” packaging form factor is modeled after the human ChapStick® dispenser making it easy to apply the balm to dry dog noses.  “Our consumers wanted an easy, no mess way to give their dogs the healing power of balm,” said Debbie Guardian, President of Opie & Dixie, LLC. “Snoutstik’s so easy to use that it will help consumers apply healing moisture to their dog’s dry and cracked noses more often.”

Snoutstik’s ingredients include Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba Seed Oil, all of which offer natural sun protection. Snoutstik is unique because it offers three healing varieties – Rosemary, Lavender and Pumpkin. Rosemary is a natural disinfectant; it soothes and reduces inflammation and treats bacterial and fungal infections.  Lavender has a clean, fresh scent and calming, balancing properties; it provides extremely gentle skincare and can be applied to irritated, itchy spots as a healing aid.  Pumpkin is used to treat burns and wounds; it is used for environmentally damaged and sensitive skin. It’s High in Vitamin A, which restores healthy skin tissue, and C, which has antioxidant properties that protect skin from free radicals such as the damaging effects of the sun.

“We wanted to create a REAL solution to a REAL problem,” said Guardian. “Snoutstik’s core ingredients can be a very effective and convenient treatment for dry, cracked noses. Snoutstik is made in the US from 100% natural, domestic ingredients.  It is also vegan friendly.”

Snoutstik’s MSRP is $3.99 per unit, making it the perfect impulse item. Snoutstik is sold in a variety counter display pack of 12 units.  It is shipping now. Opie & Dixie is aggressively expanding distribution of Snoutstik by adding sales reps and distributors throughout the US and Western Europe.  Rep and distributor inquiries are welcome.


About Opie & Dixie, LLC
Opie & Dixie, LLC was founded by Debbie Guardian who had one mission in mind – to make wholesome pet products. Since 2008, Opie & Dixie, LLC has been offering healing paw balm, natural and organic shampoos and nutritional supplements. Guardian’s inspiration for product development are her two dogs, Opal (Opie) and Dixie.  Her promise is “nothing but the best” for Opie and Dixie, and she believes her products fulfill that promise for consumers who want the same high quality products for their dogs.  For more information call 415-652-7989 or visit

ChapStick® is a registered trademark of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.

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