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Simply Pinecat litter, which has produced the natural absorbency cat litter pellet product since 1993, has announced their new packaging design.


Project Manager, Jack Drasner, reported that with challenging economic times, Simply Pine wanted to be able to give consumers their pine pellet cat litter at a more affordable price with a better cost offering to dealers and distributors than other competing brands.


Simply Pine is made of 100 percent natural pine, in the United States, and is available in three sizes: 7 pounds, 20 pounds, and 40 pounds. The pine is northeastern white variety and boasts a superior odor control. Raw material comes from northern white pine in the Pennsylvania and New York forests. Due to its fragrant, sturdy fibers, the company reports it is very absorbent but darker from other pine trees.


For consistent flow of wood fibers, Simply Pine adds a small amount of lubricant via soybean oil to create a strong robust pellet with some darkening. Heat reduces moisture to form pellet bonds. There are no pollutants, dust, artificial fragrance, or chemicals in the product.


Drasner reported that Simply Pine cat litter hit the market in September/October of 2011 under his direction. The cat litter is 100 percent biodegradable and is 3.5 times more absorbent than clay on a per pound basis, with manufacturing by Choice Forest Brands.


Moisture content of the product is 7 percent and the pellet size is 6 millimeters, with compression ratio of 8:1 and density of 40 pounds/square foot.

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