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“Veterinarians On Call,” a reality series dealing with veterinarians in the United States caring for animals in a variety of situations, recently launched its second season on YouTube.

More than 100,000 viewers tuned in to the YouTube channel of the series since its 2011 fall launch, making it one of the most popular animal-themed reality shows online. To date, the series has filmed 15 vets across the nation, all of whom volunteered to be filmed while working. The goals of the series are to enable veterinarians to attract more professional recognition, help the general public understand what vets do, and to inspire people to consider a career in veterinary medicine.

Dr. Pete Ostrum, known to many as Charlie Bucket in the original 1971 film, “Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory,” is one of the veterinarians featured in the series. Ostrum shared, “Somewhere a young student will see our videos and be intrigued enough to follow our footsteps.” Ostrum practices as a dairy cow veterinarian in upstate New York.

Clint Lewis, president of U.S. Operations for Pfizer Animal Health, who helped to inspire the vision for this series, shared, “These videos help the public see the important role vets play in ensuring the optimal health and wellness of all animals — pets and farm animals. These newly released vignettes help pet owners understand the importance of preventive care and how it contributes to overall long-term health and well-being.”

Funding for the series is provided by Pfizer Animal Health, and new webisodes will air on YouTube over the next several months. “Veterinarians On Call” is produced by John Courtmanche and Dan Carey with Essex Television Group.

Learn more by visiting the series’ YouTube channel at

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