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Scout & Zoe’s Natural Antler Dog Chews is making pet owners aware of breast cancer in canines as the United States marks October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Early detection is pivotal for dog parents to ensure that breast cancer in their pet is not fatal. A mammary tumor is seen as a solid mass or multiple swellings in the breast tissue of a dog. Once found, the dog’s veterinarian should perform a biopsy to ascertain if the tumor is benign or malignant (cancerous).

“National Breast Cancer Awareness Month has had a tremendous impact on raising awareness of human breast cancer throughout the country,” says Cindy Dunston Quirk. “That’s a very good thing. But it’s also important to make people aware that their furry friends are also susceptible to this disease. Our number one mission at Scout & Zoe’s is to help dogs become healthier and happier. So naturally, we want to do whatever we can to help owners understand potential health risks in their pets.”

The best preventative is spaying the female dog so as not to be prone to mammary cancer. If spayed after her first heat cycle, the dog has a small incidence of developing breast cancer. If spayed after her first heat cycle but prior to turning three, they are less likely to get breast cancer than their counterparts spayed later in life.


“Studies indicate that the possibility of breast cancer can be virtually eliminated in non-breeding dogs if they are spayed prior to the first heat,” says Cindy. “Just as we strive to make the best choices for our furry friends in choosing the right foods and keeping them safe, we should all be aware of the possibility of avoiding breast cancer simply by having them spayed.”

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