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LEXINGTON, KY (July 12, 2013) – It sounds like a fiction tall tale that a cat can resembles a leopard have the personality of a dog but can chirp like a bird! But It is not an internet rumor, with hundreds of these furry felines living as pets all over the worlds. According to breeder, Michelle Mills owner of F1Hybrids Savannahs, Savannah cats are one of the most captivating energetic house hold cats with a heart of gold.

“I wanted a small pet dog but I did not want the poor potty habits some of the smaller breeds have possessing a smaller bladder. In the apartment I lived in at the time I just did not have many options. Then I saw this spotted exotic Savannah Cat, I was in LOVE and now hooked on the charisma! They are the closest replica to a canine but the huge plus of using a litter box,” said Michelle Mills.

The breed has been growing in popularity every year since it began in the 90’s. Owners state that once you’ve had one it is near indescribable to explain and utterly irreplaceable. The Savannah Cat breed thrives off human interaction and requires mostly the same items as you average domestic cat breed.

They are a high energy breed that needs attention, respect and above all love. Research must be preformed before considering adopting a Savannah Cat. Breeders within the breed are notably vigilant over the placement of kittens compared to other breeds. Large majority of kittens are placed solely as pets being altered early, microchipped and with a legally binding contract.

“It inspires me to hear a customer say how much interactive intelligence, loyalty and love they get from their Savannah Cat’s. As a breed, they are highly intelligent and active so they need someone who can keep up. If an irresponsible owner does not take care of this beauty they can have issues just like owning a high energy dog breed. Breeders are meant to support and guide you to success, and with that help you should have a very happy fulfilled life with you kitten,” said Michelle Mills.

If you have been considered a new kitten, or live where owning a dog is difficult a Savannah Cat might be the right cat for you!

Families interested are invited to contact F1Hybrids Savannahs at 859-319-7303 or

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