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Rush Direct, Inc.,a company that began in 2003 by Charles and Vera Ferreira, has announced the expansion of their Ultra Chewy brand. They have added the Ultra Chewy Tropical Bones to the line.
The treats are designed to clean tartar and plaque from teeth while being made with rice, a crunchy outside and chewy center. Available in papaya, mango, passion fruit, and avocado, they will also be offered in a variety pack.
They will also expand their Ultra Chewy Double Treat line with a Twisted Bone included. The Twisted Bone has a double-layered shape but the same chicken flavor as the original. The bone comes as a twin pack.
The Ferreiras have worked in the pet industry, including food and rawhide chews, for over 18 years. They began a partnership with a Brazilian factory to begin supplying the market with products several years ago. The couple traveled worldwide to find new supplier and to form Rush Direct’s Supply Chain 360, which is a set of procedures to suppliers for guaranteeing compliance and timely delivery of products.
According to the company, there have never been any product recalls due to safety concerns.  Rush Direct, Inc., is a minority-owned company and also offers private label services in the natural, baked, extruded, injection molded, and food for pets categories. They offer suggestions and recommendations to interested parties of the private labeling on how to maximize success of the final product.
In terms of U.S. package regulations, Rush Direct consults with a panel of experts and internal processes so that their products are manufactured, packaged and sold in compliance with US regulations.
For more information, visit the company’s website at

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