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Royal Pet Club, a company founded by Prince Lorenzo Borghese that offers Natural Pet Spa and Wellness Products, has announced it will donate a portion of its profits to fund free spay and neuter programs for dogs.
Effective March 2012, Royal Pet Club will donate five percent of profits to spay and neuter programs along with $2 for each new customer in support of these efforts.
Borghese stated, “If people would spay and neuter their pets, this country would be a no-kill country and there would be no need to euthanize a dog because of overpopulation. To euthanize man’s best friend in order to control the population is simply barbaric and must be stopped.”
Pre-approved veterinarians throughout the country will offer the spay and neuter service at reduced rates to the organization Animal Aid for owners of dogs who are unable to afford spay and neuter. In many cases, the surgery will be performed at no cost. Animal Aid’s logo will begin appearing on all Royal Treatment grooming products in order to raise awareness of this program.
The Royal Pet Club line of pet grooming products have been developed with the assistance of leading  human cosmetics manufacturers, world-renowned veterinarians, and other pet experts from around the world.
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