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Royal Canin, formed in 1967, revealed that as people are turning their attention to health and wellness issues in order to become better educated in terms of nutrition, they are applying the same thought process to the food for pets.

Begun as a company making food exclusively for large breed dogs, the company has United States headquarters in St. Charles, Missouri. With conference rooms named after animal breeds, dogs allowed to sit next to their owners during the work day, and large photos of dogs and cats adorning the walls of the building, Royal Canin has carved a definite place into the pet food industry.

The parent company to Royal Canin is Mars, Inc., which industry experts believe has helped narrow the gap in terms of market share with Nestle Purina.

David Lummis, senior pet market analyst for market research publisher Packaged Facts, shared with the, ‚ÄúThere’s been a huge trend of customers scaling up to premium products, not just out of indulgence, but a lot of the products have functional angles, and that jives well with what Royal Canin has always done.

The main distribution channels for Royal Canin pet food include animal breeders, veterinary offices, and specialty pet stores, but not grocery store shelves. Pet food store buyers, vets, and breeders have been invited to the facility to learn more about the science behind the Royal Canin line of products.

Packaged Facts, a market research publisher, reports that Mars, Inc., which owns Pedigree and Whiskas pet food, has 17 percent of the United States market share of pet food sales. Nestle Purina, incidentally, has a 35 percent market share. According to Royal Canin’s U.S. operations general manager, Joe Flanigan, Royal Canine does not use marketing studies to determine where it will invest in new product development.

“We know we want to care for the 200 million pets in the U.S, and our goal simply is to care for more of them,” Flanigan said.

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