The Pet Industry's Leading Resource for News & Content Distribution,a website devoted to helping pet owners find a home where their dogs can stay while they travel, recently announced they have expanded to include 29 animal-related charities and over 2,400 nationwide participating pet sitters.
The Sit a Dog, Save a Life program allows all sitters participating with, who are identified by a badge on their profile, to donate some or all of their pet sitting proceeds to a pet-related charity. There has been a 150 percent increase in donations month over month since May of 2012.
Aaron Easterly, CEO at, reported, “The success of the Sit a Dog, Save a Life(TM) program is indicative of the character of our community of dog lovers. is committed to the mission of providing all dogs with real, loving homes while their families are traveling. We are equally committed to helping dogs who may not yet have a permanent home, or whose families may need extra support to keep their pets at home. The growth of our Sit a Dog, Save a Life(TM) program reaffirms this commitment and empowers our community to help dogs in need throughout the U.S.”
The company’s business growth is in alignment with the expansion of the Sit a Dog, Save a Life program. As of this writing, has over 34,000 members to date, with their rollout occurring in April of 2012.
The founder of is Greg Gottesman, who developed the idea after a frightening experience with a local kennel. In addition to working at, Gottesman is a Managing Director at Madrona Venture Group in the Pacific Northwest. He has authored three books and is adjunct faculty member at the University of Washington Business School.
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