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Cruelty Free International, established by BUAV, has begun a global campaign to end animal testing for cosmetics, with celebrity Ricky Gervaisas the Ambassador for Cruelty Free International.

The group asks that governments and regulators worldwide introduce a ban for testing of animals of cosmetic products and ingredients. Gervais stars in a new video campaign in support of the cause.

Gervais shared, “I am delighted to support the launch of Cruelty Free International, the exciting global campaign to end the use of animals in product testing. Animal testing for cosmetics is still allowed in most of the world. That means thousands of animals can continue to die for the sake of a new shampoo. We urgently need a worldwide ban on this cruel and unnecessary suffering.”
Cruelty Free International has partnered with the New England Anti-Vivisection Society (NEAVS) in launching their International office. The President of NEAVS, Dr. Theodora Capaldo, Ed.D., will represent the effort in the United States. As a result, two of the long-standing worldwide animal protection organizations have come together with a shared effort. National campaigns are planned from worldwide offices.
BUAV has been campaigning peacefully for animal rights for over 100 years and is called upon by corporations, media, and governments for opinions and expert advice. They work in building relationships with business leaders and decision makers on panels so that animals have a voice. They also do not rely or depend on lottery money or government funding is completely supported by their supporters and donors.
The BUAV spearheaded a high profile campaign and as a result, there is a ban on animal testing for cosmetics and their ingredients in the European Union along with the sale of certain animal-tested cosmetics in other parts of the world. Following this, Croatia and Norway instituted a ban for cosmetics and ingredients, with Israel planning a ban in 2015.
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