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Research and Markets has released a report detailing the behavior of German pet owners in respect to pet insurance.

Finaccord’s “Pet Metrics: Consumer Approaches to Pet Insurance in Germany”  is based on a primary survey of more than 1,000 consumers in Germany carried out in July and August 2008.
The research provides data describing the extent to which owners of cats, dogs and other animals take out pet insurance and clarifies the proportion of uninsured pet owners who value the benefits of the insurance but have simply not gotten around to acquiring coverage.
The report measures the degree to which insured pet owners in Germany are satisfied with their insurance, whether they find it expensive and if they are likely to discontinue it the next time that it comes up for renewal. The investigation also analyzes the types of policy that German consumers buy, whether they have coverage for liabilities associated with pet ownership only or also for other risks, including veterinary expenses.

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