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HACKENSACK, N.J. (January 15, 2014) – The Purr Palace cat gift brand has recently launched its stylish and innovative line of customized litter box screens, providing a privacy area for house cats while fitting the home décor of their owners.

Founded in 2013 by Donna Siggia, a successful pet groomer in northeastern New Jersey, Purr Palace provides cat owners with an innovative product that caters to their home appearance as well as their pets’ need for privacy.

The Purr Palace Litter Box Screen is available in a choice of black or white laminated surface, with a range of graphic color choices, to fit the discerning taste of cat owners. It allows cat owners to hide any cat litter pan from view while adding a touch of decorative flavor. It also helps in greatly reducing the amount of litter that otherwise could be dragged accidentally when a cat uses its litter box.

The other advantage to this unique product is to provide cats with privacy from their human families when using their cat pans. In the same manner as their human counterparts, cats are very sensitive in maintaining their private boundaries when such natural needs arise.

In addition, The Purr Palace Litter Box Screen line offers an original and purposeful gift to both pet and owner. It gracefully combines a tasteful appearance with a solution to decrease cat litter dispersion in the home. The Purr Palace Litter Box Screen is constructed of high-quality materials and is entirely manufactured in the United States. The graphic illustration was specifically designed for this product and is unique to the brand.

About Purr Palace, LLC
Donna Siggia, founder and owner of Purr Palace, LLC, began her career as a professional dog groomer. Realizing that dogs have a broad range of targeted products, she put her mind towards creating gifts for cat lovers. Inspired by her love for her three cats and her passion for interior design, she set out to make a practical cat gift for cat lovers and their pets. For more information, please visit us at or connect with us on Facebook (, Twitter ( or Pinterest (

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