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MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. (April 22, 2015) – It is finally here! Innovet Pet Products proudly introduces one of its most advanced products to date, which will surely make pet lovers happy. PurBreath is a complete oral care product meant for cats and dogs, which is available in gel form. It has the promise of being able to promote the best in terms of pet’s oral health without the need for brushing. It comes with a reasonable price tag, and its application will be hassle-free on the part of the pet owner.

Oral Care in Pets

Just like humans, pets are vulnerable to a variety of oral problems, such as in the case of bad breath, bleeding gums, plaque, and different periodontal diseases. This should not be overlooked as this can have a negative impact on their overall health. During the times, that you are cuddling your pet, and you notice its bad breath, do not take it as something that is normal. This could be a sign of a serious periodontal problem, which makes it important to act as quickly as possible.

In most instances, pet owners would resort into the use of toothbrushes but this is something that they would most probably resist. As an alternative, dental chews, chew toys, and bones are used by some. Nonetheless, even veterinarians and pet care experts would agree that they are not effective. Dental visits are also commonly considered, but it is accompanied with a hefty price, which makes it a lesser attractive option for those who are on a budget.

Your Best Choice for Oral Care in Pets

Innovet Pet Products has developed a natural product to promote the best in oral health amongst pets in the form of PurBreath. One of the best things about the product is that there is no more need for brushing. It comes in an easy to use formulation in gel form. All that you need to do is to put the desired amount on your finger and brush it along the gums on the teeth of your pet. Some of the benefits that can be expected include having fresher breath and the removal of tartar and plaque. While it should be initially used twice in a day, after one week, the frequency of application can be minimized. The product comes in two variants – peppermint and salmon flavor. Even the pickiest pets will surely love the way it tastes.

Give your pet the gift of better oral health with the use of PurBreath. Gone were the days wherein dental care was expensive and required too much effort on your part. This no-brush product can be applied in a snap and promising in terms of the results it can deliver. For more information, please visit or email

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