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Puppy Cake, an all-natural cake mix for dogs using natural, human grade ingredients such as whole wheat or rice flour, carob powder and banana, recently appeared on ABC Television’s show, Shark Tank.
The show, which aired on February 10, 2012, was presented to a panel of five investors, otherwise known as “the sharks.” The investors had to determine if they would present the founder of Puppy Cake, Kelly Chaney, with funding to further her company.
Although the “sharks” did not offer Chaney a deal, she signed one upon returning home to western Pennsylvania with a different company: Uncle Jimmy’s Brand Products, known for their horse treats.
It is reported that the night of the Shark Tank airing featuring Puppy Cake, the company received orders every 20 seconds for several hours after the show. All of their stock sold out by 10pm that night and they sold 2,000 boxes within a 48-hour time period. The product, which sells for $7 a box, sold $24,000 worth of boxes on the company website within two weeks of the airing.
Puppy Cake has a one-year shelf life and they are working on a red velvet puppy cake flavor to make its debut in the late part of spring 2012. Each box makes a 6” round cake or eight cupcakes total. Pet parents add eggs, water and oil to the mix, which is made with veterinary-approved ingredients. The cakes are reported to have several digestive and immune system boosting features.
Chaney has plans to take Puppy Cake to Target, who she reports having an interest in the product.
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