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During a recent Virginia suburbs shopping trip for holiday presents, President Obama and dog Bo left the White House and headed for their nearest Petsmart location. While in the store, President Obama allowed his dog to play with a Poodle, Cinnamon, as he shopped.


Exactly what did the President purchase? He picked up a bag of pet food and a rubber chew toy priced at $24.99 before shaking hands with fellow shoppers as Bo played with the Poodle.


Though wife Michelle and daughters Sasha and Malia are in Hawaii for their annual Christmas vacation, Obama remained in Washington D.C. with Congress unable to reach an agreement over extending payroll tax cuts due to expire at year’s end. As a result, Obama’s holiday travel plans remain undetermined.


After leaving Petsmart, the President trekked to Best Busy for presents for his daughters. He purchased the video game “Just Dance 3” for the Nintendo Wii. The game allows four players to dance together at the same time. He promised reporters in the store they would not be seeing a photo of him playing the Just Dance game.


Obama would not reply to questions if he would be delivering the gifts personally to his family, but he did joke about whether his credit card still works. His final stop was a nearby pizzeria for lunch.

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