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Premium Nutritional Products, Inc., instituted a voluntary recall to consumer of its ZuPreem FruitBlend With Natural Fruit Flavors maintenance formula bird foods for medium/large birds and for large birds with use by date codes of 11/30/13 or 11/13 and lot numbers 598405052 or 598405072.

Birds that consume the food may become sick and in some cases, it can be fatal. Symptoms of sickness include decreased activity level or appetite, increase in water consumption or watery droppings. Birds with these symptoms who have consumed the products on recall should immediately contact their veterinarian, per a company press statement.

The recall is being conducted due to “the combination of exceedingly high calcium levels, low phosphorus, and high vitamin D concentration resulting in a significant health risk to the birds.”

The two voluntarily recalled lots are 598405052 and 598405072. The lot and expiration dates by sku, are listed on the FDA’s official website.

The company reports shipping the products between 21/12 and 8/23/12 for distribution nationwide through pet retailers, veterinary clinics, online pet supply merchants and to breeders, and zoological parks.

As a result of product testing, the issue was discovered. Anyone with the food should dispose of it and are being told to return the packaging to the store of purchase for refund or replacement. All bird owners are advised to check the expiration dates.

For additional information, interested parties should contact the ZuPreem Customer Service line at 1-800-345-4767 (Monday through Friday 8 AM – 5 PM Central Time) or visit the ZuPreem website at

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